Local Selling Tips


If You're Selling...


   #1 Get Realistic - about price if you want to sell your home.  Do you want to List your home or Sell your home?  Real Estate is local.  Too many sellers set their listing price based on yesterdays market which is a big mistake. Its a well known fact that the first Buyers in tend to pay the best price so you need to price it right from the start.   Have your Century 21 agent provide you with a comparable market analysis on your home. This will show listing and selling prices of area homes that are similar to yours.  If you set a listing price 10% below what others are asking you will create a lot of interest and buzz which will increase your chances of getting multiple offers.

 #2 Hire a Century 21 Agent - Selling on your own in a down market means you'll have to work awfully hard marketing your home.  Instead get a professional Century 21 Keiser agent with experience who has been thru good times and bad and who will have a proven track record  that you can verify with past clients.  They do this for a living and know all the ins and outs! Their goal is to get your property sold at the highest price in the least amount of time!

 #3 Consider Home  Staging - To sell today you've got to get your home in the best possible condition so that it shows well.  Think model home and neutral colors. Working with your Century 21 agent and a professional stager can help you get rid of clutter... especially the clutter that you don't see.  They can also suggest ideas to rearrange furniture to create attractive focal points, repurpose underused rooms and suggest paint and window treatments that will make your rooms appear spacious.  Remember you want buyers to see your home not your great stuff!

   #4  Money Talks - Given the inventory we have today you might want to sweeten the pot to catch the eye of buyers and their agents.  Offer something that will make your home more affordable such as paying for part of the buyer's closing costs or purchasing a Home Warranty for your Buyer.   In your MLS description let agents know that you are offering a $1,000 bounty or a 4% commission to whoever brings the purchaser.  It will mean more showings which will raise your odds of  getting an offer!

   #5 Behind on Payments? - Get help! If you are a fairly recent buyer your mortgage may well be more than your home would sell for today.  About 1/3 of those who bought in 2010 have negative equity according to Zillow.Com.  First, if you have to move for a job you may be able to persuade your new employer to make you whole on the loan. Secondly, if the rental market is strong in your area you might consider renting your home out and waiting out the housing slump.  Third, of course is to sell as high as you can and raid your savings for the difference. Unfortunately, you cannot always make money with your real estate investments!